Microsoft office 2010 Free Download Full Version

Microsoft office 2010 Free Download Full Version


Microsoft Office 2010 Free Download Latest Version

Microsoft office 2010 Free Download Full Version

There are probably very few things that we can mention about MS Office that you don’t already know about. The programs in this productivity suite have been around for what it looks like forever. There are few people in the world that have worked in an office environment and haven’t been required to use Word or Excel on a daily basis. What to say about PowerPoint, which was for a long time the leading slideshow program. If you had to set up a presentation chances are that you would use PowerPoint as you go to tool.

Microsoft office 2010 Free Download Full Version

Although nowadays there are other alternatives that do a similar job – and even some free ones – the truth is that Microsoft Office continues to be a very strong contender in this segment of the market. The version we’re evaluating, Microsoft Office 2010, has some new features that set it apart from the ones that came before it. Keep reading to find out what you can expect from this release on Microsoft’s productivity flagship.

Microsoft office 2010 Free Download Full Version

Key Features of Microsoft office 2010 free download

  • As it always happens, there are different versions aimed at different segments of the market. You’ll get more or less included features depending on the version that you choose: Home, Business, or Professional.
  • It’s lighter on your system; it requires fewer resources than previous versions. It also launches and runs faster.

Advanced Features

  • You can know share your documents using SkyDrive. You can upload your documents directly from within any of the programs with just a few clicks.


Since this is not the current version, Microsoft is not precisely advertising it. In fact, they suggest that you upgrade to a more recent version if you still have Office 10 installed. You can find it from other vendors, for example, you can get the Home and Student version from Amazon for USD 100 (1 PC) or USD 250 (3 PCs).

As you see, the price will depend on a number of factors, so you’ll have to decide the version that is right for you before buying.

System Requirements

As advertised by Microsoft, you should be able to run Office 10 in any computer with at least an Intel Pentium III processor with 256MB of RAM. That’s what the developers say, but you know that you will need a bit more to make it run as expected. The good news are that if you have a computer able to run Office 2007 then you will not have to make any upgrades, you should be able to run Office 10 without any major problems.

You can install it on any Windows version from Windows XP and above, both 32 and 64 bits.

How to use office 2010 free download?

There is really not enough space here to get into the details of every product in the Office suite, the good news is that there are countless tutorials and forums out there to get you started or answer your more specific or technical questions about every one of the programs.

Microsoft office 2010 Free Download

After installing, you’ll find the options in the All Programs section of the Start menu or under Applications, depending on the Windows version that you have installed. To get started just click on the program of your choice. If you have used Office in the past, you’ll find that it looks quite similar. Take a look around and get used to the new environment. If you’re a new user, you could just start by testing menu options or go to one of the tutorials online for more details. There are some really good quality ones out there.


  • The look is quite similar to previous versions and everything is right there in the menus, so you’ll find that button you were looking for in no time.
  • There have been improvements in the resource consumption area, which was something that really used to bug consumers in the past.
  • It’s as reliable as it gets, they have been around for quite some time now and you know that you’re getting a product from an established provider who offers support and upgrades.


  • For some, the price is a turn-off.


What is left to say?

Microsoft office 2010 full version has delivered a revamped version of its well-known productivity suite and it comes with new and attractive features that will not only be useful to improve the way you collaborate with others but also appeal to home users who want to make their work more visually appealing.

In the box, you’ll find a faster running version that the ones before it with built-in options to upload your work to SkyDrive or that make it safer to edit downloaded documents. Though this is not the latest version of the suite, if you’re curious about what this release has to offer, you can still get an evaluation version online so you can test it.

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Microsoft office 2010 Free Download Full Version

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